Measure your reflexes with REMEDES

The REMEDES devices can accurately measure your reflexes using heterogeneous visual or auditorial triggers, as well as provide a detailed personalized report, or even compare you to other persons or groups

Medical Applications

The REMEDES system is suitable for deploying medical applications such as diagnosis, rehabilitation or tracking neurological, neurokinetic, psychiatric or opthalmological conditions, using a predefined or custom made set of exercises

Training / Sports profiling

The REMEDES system is also suitable for sports applications, including training on standard sports-related motion routines, modeling the reaction of athletes or tracking their reflexes profiles

Detailed reporting

The REMEDES-UI front-end can be deployed in modern browsers on any device with WiFi connectivity and offers detailed live views of results per exercise type, comparisons to other users or groups, as well as extracted PDF files for the user to take home

Cloud infrastructure

The REMEDES cloud infrastructure backs-up your data, as well as allows your users to create accounts. This way each user can easily check their performance and compare themselves with other users or groups, real-time!

Why use REMEDES?

With the REMEDES system you can ...

Manage your REMEDES devices

Use the REMEDES GUI from your favorite browser to manage your REMEDES devices

Manage your users

Create, edit and delete user profiles, as well as categorize them to groups

Deploy predefined exercises

Deploy a number of predefined exercises suitable for reflexes and concentration checking

Create new exercises

You can create new random or step by step exercises, having total control of the devices

Easily check the results

Each exercise results are presented in various ways: visually via graphs, via literal comments or by raw data (CSV files)

Track and compare your users' performance

Check a user's performance throught time and compare them with other users or other groups

Export user reports in PDF

You can export detailed reports for each user, contaning statistics for each exercise and exercise type, as well as comparisons to other users and groups

Create cloud-based accounts for your users

Using the REMEDES Cloud infrastructure, any of your users can create an account and check their results in real time

Ask for more!

The REMEDES team is ready to implement any other feature is useful for your job!

Video examples

Below you may find some video examples of possible REMEDES uses



The REMEDES system was presented in the 82nd Thessaloniki International Fair, 9-17/9/2017. Over 750 people tested REMEDES, checked their reflexes and compared their performance with the average times of their age group and gender.


REMEDES @ Researchers' Night 2017

The REMEDES system was presented in the Researchers' Night, Thessaloniki 29/9/2017. Researchers' night is a Europe-wide public event dedicated to popular science and fun learning. It takes place each year on the last Friday in September. Around 30 countries and over 300 cities are involved.

REMEDES @ AUTH in the city 2017

The REMEDES system was presented in the AUTH in the city event, Thessaloniki 8/10/2017, in Aristotelous Square. The event was hosted by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and several research and expriment-oriented teams showcased their work to the public.